trucker full red cap | Premium Caps
trucker full red cap | Premium Caps
trucker full red cap | Premium Caps
trucker full red cap | Premium Caps


trucker full red cap

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trucker caps have been at the forefront of casual fashion for generations, and this is the archetypal cap to exemplify your easygoing but eye-catching ensemble. Why purchase the Flexfit Hat Mesh Cotton Twill Trucker Cap? For starters, it's not your typical hat. This is the ultimate 6-panel, low profile cap, with firm buckram and a smooth silver under-visor. And the innovators at Flexfit certainly didn't skimp on the comfort factor. Imagine the soothing feel of patented stretchable polyester mesh spandex resting softly against the contours of your head, complete with Comfort-Fit design. 6-panel, low-profile, with hard buckram and silver under-visor. Patented stretchable polyester mesh spandex on side and back.



55/43/2 polyester/cotton/spandex mid and back panels 95/5 polyester mailles spandex PU




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Why Premium Caps? 🧢 The answer is simple.

Our team studies the market and looks for the newest, styli-shed and most researched brands and models that offer not only the looks but also the right materials that makes your cap and hat not only comfortable but also durable.

At Premium we believe that the customer deserves the best experience and our mentality is that we are working together on creating something special! No matter what your specifications are we can ensure you that our team will deliver the best results and will make you come back for more

Premium created a unique section at the end of each order named PERSONAL SPECIFICATIONS. By you giving us the most details and hints about your design under the (specific instructions section) our team will have the necessary tools to embark on the project and deliver the best product possible.
Here is an example of specifications

Exact placement of the logo, perfectly in the center in the middle, left, right.
Color, bright yellow, and the contours of the letter dark blue

Delivery time

Since this is a customized product it can take between 3-4 weeks! The reason why?

We would like to share with you a few of the steps that takes in this process so you can understand better.

The minute we have your order, our team needs to work on each logo, transform it into a format that the broderie machine can read and sometimes it takes longer depending on your design, the more complicated the design the more time it takes. Sometimes the final product needs some touchups so before shipping the product to you if there are any abnormalities we need to take care of them before delivery! And at the end of course the delivery time that takes more or less depending of your location

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Hold on to you hats because Premium is in Town!

Amazing stylish cap designed to fit you comfortably and in style. Warning!!! We are not responsible for all the compliments you will get everywhere you go!